Ten Ways to Stay on Track

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Sometimes it can be hard to stay committed.

It can be extremely challenging to continue to be as passionate about your healthy lifestyle journey as you continue on. Precise Portions loves to search high and low to find the best motivation tips out there, and we are excited to share our Stay-on-Track Top Ten with you today!

  1. Chart Progress

Keeping a physical record of your progress is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay on track with your diet. Tracking your progress is not only an effective way to notice when something you’re doing is not working, but also to reward yourself on the days where you just did everything right. Plus, that progress will be in the back of your mind any time you’re tempted to cheat!

  1. The Man in the Mirror

When we’re not feeling confident, we often banish mirrors from our day-to-day lives. Keeping a full-length mirror in your bedroom or bathroom where you can see it each day might make you face some harsh realities about the way you look – and motivate you to better yourself. As you go, you’ll see the progress you’re making as well!

  1. Massage Regularly

Studies show that getting regular massages can be great for weight loss. Whether the increased circulation is part of the trick or if stripping down in front of others more frequently makes you feel strong, massages are a powerful (and relaxing) way to keep yourself on track.

  1. Become a Regular

Becoming a regular at a gym or weight loss class is a great way to keep your fitness routine on point. Having others who recognize and encourage you, and who notice when you’re not showing up to the gym, can be a great way to keep your schedule regular and consistent.

  1. Commit by Putting Money on it

Purchasing a pricey gym or class membership or a personal trainer can be extremely motivational. You wouldn’t skip an appointment at your salon when you’ve pre-paid, would you?? The same concept applies to the fitness world as well.

  1. Shout from the Rooftops

Sharing your health and fitness goals can be a great way to hold yourself accountable. If you tell your close family and friends what your goals are, you’ll be far more disappointed in yourself if you let everyone down. That is a great way to keep your goals in check. Plus, you’ll likely find that you have a great support system and a lot of cheerleaders!

  1. I’ll Bet Ya

Online sites like DietBet.com and StickK.com give you a great motivational boost. You bet – and put actual money on – the fact that you’ll lose weight. If you do, you split the pot with other successful dieters around the world!

  1. Lift What You Lose

Now this one won’t work forever, but while you’re in a reasonable range, life the amount of weight that you’ve lost at the gym. It’s a fun way to bump up your weight lifting while reminding yourself of how far you’ve come.

  1. Skinny Jeans

Get ‘em out! Hang your “skinny outfit” where you can see it every day, reminding yourself of how fabulous you’ll feel when you fit into it comfortably.

     10. Commit to Fit

Make plans with friends or family members to participate in a fitness event. Whether it’s a 5K at the end of the summer, a charity bike ride, or a fitness competition, having a deadline for your fitness routine can be a great motivator.

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