Top 5 Reasons for Weight Loss

by | Aug 16, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Granted that the top 5 reasons for weight loss that work for me might not be good enough for you but if you read through this article, you might like a couple or more reasons for weight loss and if that triggers you into action and helps you drop a size or two, then Wow!

Reduce or suffer the consequences
Last month my doc told me that unless I diet and exercise, the body will go on stuffing fat “anywhere and everywhere” including between muscles and organs; “Your whole body will become one large fat container and it will be the start of some serious medical complications resulting from excessive pressure on the organs”. Those words keep haunting me. Also, one of my friends who is just a bit more obese than I am, shelled out almost $118,000 in medical fees due to complications resulting from her obesity. I simply don’t have that kind of money to spend. So I guess it would be like reduce or suffer the consequences. For me this has got to be the top amongst the 5 reasons for weight loss.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to lie
My second reason amongst the top 5 reasons for weight loss is to never again have to face barbs from friends and gentle (and often not-so-gentle) reminders from my physician. Visiting my family physician is always a dread. The first serious question he would often ask after the usual small talk is “how is your diet coming along?” And then I would mumble some carefully thought out strategic explanation about my diet plan working well and how I felt much healthier – never mind the fact I planned to visit the new pastry shop on the way home.

Make shopping for clothes easier and joyful
I’m tired of having to pick out clothes solely because they would fit me. I mean, of course they should fit me but I would like to be able to select from larger range of brands, colors, designs, patterns and so on. More importantly, I should look good in whatever I wear and that will only happen if I can reduce to a size ‘M’ or even ‘L’. This then is my next best amongst the top 5 reasons for weight loss.

Be proud of your body even in public
I have a good face and a nice skin tone. So the fourth amongst the top 5 reasons for weight loss is to be able to fearlessly stand in front of the camera for an individual or group photo and not have to hide behind my friends so only my face is visible in the photo. In fact, I’d love to be the topic of discussion about how I was a double XL until 2011 and then dropped several sizes, “now look at her picture – wow!”

Also, it’s been ages since I’ve visited a beach. I long to be able to visit the beach and maybe even swim without fear of some ill-mannered kids shouting “walrus” or “hippo” or something worse.

Don’t get like that lady…
I vividly remember a TV news shot of rescue officers breaking down the wall of the living room so a small mobile crane could have access to, and lift out a lady who had got so fat, that she could no longer squeeze through the door of the living room. That was pretty scary and I definitely don’t want to get to that stage so this has got to be my fifth reason amongst the top 5 reasons for weight loss.

What are your reasons to lose weight?
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