Why Do You Overeat?

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Understanding the reasons why you overeat – and how to change them!

There are a lot of reasons why people overeat. Understanding why you overeat is the first step in understanding how to make positive changes. We’ll discuss some of the most common causes of chronic overeating and give you some skills and tactics to address these issues head-on. Here at Precise Portions, we’re determined to help you make informed choices. Our site is dedicated to gradual and sustainable weight loss through exercise, health habits, and well-controlled portion sizes for both children and adults.

Eating to Soothe Anxiety

Eating to soothe anxiety is one of the most common causes of chronic overeating. Many people feel that if they eat in excess it will numb their feelings of anxiety or stress. Trying to keep your mind, health, and hands busy with food may distract you from whatever’s stressing you out, but ultimately the binges will end up adding stress to your plate.

Instead of trying to distract yourself from your stressors by eating, consider a healthier distraction tactic: exercise. Find a fitness routine that’s fun for you. These exercises will help you to distract yourself and will also give off endorphins, which will help to ease your anxiety as well. The ultimate treatment for your stress is, of course, to lower your overall stress. Addressing these anxiety-inducers head on will ultimately help to solve a lot of your overeating challenges.

Eating for Self-Sabotage

It’s often a challenge for some dieters to keep their eating under control when they feel like life is dealing them a tough hand. The mentality tells them that because life is sending bad things their way, they must deserve the bad things. Because they feel like they don’t deserve good things, they eat badly and then end up feeling worse.

To begin avoiding these food challenges, you have to address that you don’t feel deserving of positive change. The first step is not to beat yourself up about a binge. Feeling worse is the mentality that feeds these food issues. Once you’re through the binge, find someone to talk to whom you trust. Venting about your feelings and having someone build you up can be the most rewarding feeling and kick-start your new positive lifestyle changes.

Eating for Comfort

When life gets you down, it can be extremely tempting to turn to food as a way to comfort yourself. Trying to bury the feelings underneath food will ultimately lead to more issues that bubble up under the surface and come back to haunt you.

To begin coping with these eating habits, you need to make yourself feel accepted and loved. Finding a support system will be the best way to begin coping with these feelings. Sometimes people who are comfort eaters may also find some of the comfort they’re looking for by being supportive and caring of others as well.

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