You Can Lose Weight While Eating Your Favorite Foods

Do you want to become your ideal healthy self while providing your body with all the vitamins, minerals that it needs?

Problem With Obesity

Being obese or over-weight might seem completely harmless in the short term but in the long run can lead to many other severe health disorders that could have been easily avoided.

Stats Don’t Lie

According to CDC, 42.4% of Americans were obese in 2018, which is 12% increase from the year 2000. What was once dismissed as just an annoyance is now the source for deadly diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer .

Affects Your Brain

Aside from being a confidence killer that leaves you mentally paralized to lead a goal-oriented, driven life, being overweight also slows you down, pushes you towards self-loathing and makes you irritable and angry.

Some Affected More

“Non-Hispanic Black adults (49.6%) had the highest age-adjusted prevalence of obesity, followed by Hispanic adults (44.8%), non-Hispanic White adults (42.2%) and non-Hispanic Asian adults (17.4%).”
–Center for Disease Control And Prevention

Sex Life Hampered

According to Harvard Health Publishing, men who are obese are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction (ED) than men with healthy weights. Obesity has been linked to low sperm counts and reduced sperm motility, both of which can make a man less fertile.

Age Plays A Role

“The prevalence of obesity was 40.0% among adults aged 20 to 39 years, 44.8% among adults aged 40 to 59 years, and 42.8% among adults aged 60 and older”.
–Center for Disease Control And Prevention

Women Also Impacted

Studies have shown that obese women are less likely to report having a sexual partner in the past 12 months and more likely to report difficulties with sexual desire and/or performance.

This is naturally frustrating when you work so hard to lose weight by eating almost nothing, by sacrificing the food that you love, by living with a headache and feeling low all day. 

Here’s how you can become healthy once again, feed yourself with healthy nutrients, vitamins, minerals via foods that you love to ensure that you live a long and healthy life.

If You Diet, You Lose Some. If You Eat Healthy, You Lose More.

Here’s why it’s so important to eat healthy.

Your Body Needs Nutrients, Minerals And Vitamins

If you are on a strict diet then you most probably don’t supply your body with the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that your body needs to function properly. A deficiency of these vital elements of food will result in your body inviting organ dysfunction and breakdown.

Food Supplements Are Not Food

People are replacing food with food supplements as if the food supplements will provide them with all the nutrients that your body needs. Well, it practically cannot. The body has an internal mechanism to extract the nutrients from all the foods that you eat based on it’s requirements.

A food supplement cannot be a substitute for the body’s extraction process.

Surgery Results Don’t Stay For Long

Many people feel embarrassment after the surgery, particularly when it came to speaking about their weight loss. They are not prepared for the challenge of having to live with the loose skin. People who had problems with overeating before weight loss surgery continued to overeat after surgery, even though this made them ill.

Your People Need You To Be Happy

When you diet, and eat practically nothing to lose weight, you get constant headaches, you are low on energy because you are skipping carbs in your meal, you are grumpy because you are sacrificing the foods that you love, your taste buds are not satisfied because you are not giving them any tasty foods, and the outcome of all of this is that you are not fun to be around with.

You get irritated easily, your kids fear asking you for anything, you don’t play with them, you don’t go on a date with your partner, you don’t hang out with your girlfriends and you become a loner.

Your Risk of Heart and Other Diseases Could Increase

As much as you need to be at a decent weight to be healthier and to prevent diseases like heart attack, diabetes, you also must not punish yourself by dieting because that could lead to Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin C deficiency, kidney failures, osteoporosis, etc.

Now that you have a grasp on how dieting and dramatic weight loss can massively impact your quality of life, let’s take a quick look at why we do it.

The (Not-So-Scientific) Reason We Punish Ourselves By Unhealthy Dieting For Weight Loss.

Did you know that an unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths in the USA ?

For the past many decades we have been told that obesity is a problem and needs to be dealt with, which is fair enough.

But why was unhealthy dieting promoted as a way of weight loss?

Why did vitamin supplements make our way into our stomach when food could just very well be our source of nutrients?

Why was protein shake made mandatory for fitness enthusiasts?

Why was gymming and exercising given more importance than eating a healthy meal?

Ryan C. Benson, 47, went from 330lbs to 208lbs during the first season of The Biggest Loser. But the father-of-three gained the weight back after the show and eventually tipped the scales at 345lbs.

Why Is It That The Traditional Methods Of Weight Loss Are Failing Miserably?

Whether it’s through excessive gymming, whether it’s through the calorie in calorie out formula, whether it’s through extremely low calorie diets, Whether it’s through running excessively, whether it’s through surgery, it has been noted that people tend to lose weight in the short term but as soon as they quit that calorie burning lifestyle, the weight comes back up again, bringing them to exactly where they were before. 

Why does that happen?  

Because instead of focusing on the nutrient quotient that the body believes in, we are bent on making the body work according to our needs. Instead of working inside out, we are working outside in. Instead of making your body’s metabolism great again, we are reinventing the wheel only to get short term satisfaction but in the long run we end up hurting ourselves and our bodies. 

Ed Stephens and Ann-Marie Stephens, Founders of Precise Portions

Did you know that our stomach is as big as the size of our two palms put together and that’s as much food that it can digest at one time? 

And in one meal, we fill it up with food that it can digest in 3 days if it has the capacity. Overeating causes the stomach to expand beyond its normal size to adjust to the large amount of food. The expanded stomach pushes against other organs, making you uncomfortable. 

How does your stomach digest all that food?

It cannot. Digestive enzymes are only available in limited quantities, so the food you eat remains in the stomach for a longer period of time and is more likely to turn into fat.

This results in you putting on more and more weight, and you keep wondering, why are you gaining? 

Now, I have a secret that can make you not only STOP gaining weight but START losing weight too.

All you have to do is start eating limited portions of foods. It’s called portion control. You have to become more aware of what you feel when you eat, to prevent passion eating. You have to learn the new basics of eating, not only for yourself but for your family too.  

And therefore I have designed a special course which will educate you with the new way of eating LESS, and eating all kinds of foods so that your body is nourished and you digest more than you eat.  

 This will not only help you but it will teach your kids how to eat healthily and smartly. It is a life skill that they will live by for the rest of their life, thus remaining healthy throughout.


Ann-Marie Stephens 

Have You Wondered Why Some People Live Till They Are 90 And Others Die At 60 Or 70?

Well, basically 

  • when you live the old fashioned way, 
  • when you eat your fruits, vegetables and protein in just the right portions,  
  • when you don’t fill your stomach with just fat or just carbs or pizzas, pasta and burgers in other words, 
  • when you don’t gulp down sugar drinks which has as much sugar as you should have had in a month, 

then your digestive system works seamlessly, your body get all the nutrients, it functions just as it’s supposed to, you don’t have to be rushed to the hospital for clogged arteries or kidney failures and you live a longer life. 

The Problem Of Child Obesity

Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. Obesity prevalence among children and adolescents is still too high.

 For children and adolescents aged 2-19 years the prevalence of obesity was 18.5%. About 13.7 million children and adolescents had obesity.

Hispanic (25.8%) and non-Hispanic Black children (22.0%) had higher obesity prevalence than non-Hispanic White children (14.1%).

Non-Hispanic Asian children (11.0%) had lower obesity prevalence than non-Hispanic Blacks and Hispanic children.

It’s Time To Re-Educate Ourselves To Food Functioning In Our Body, Not Only To Save Ourselves But Our Future Generations Also.

Now That You’ve Got The Knowledge, It’s Time to Build Your Arsenal And Defeat Obesity In Your Household For The Next 7 Generations.

The obesity problem has its roots in how we think about food or rather should we say, how much we don’t think about food.

For a normal individual food is about chicken, broccoli (optional), potato, and that’s about it.

  • How many times have we considered experimenting with different fruits and vegetables?
  • How many times do we include tasty fresh fruit juices without the added sugar in our daily lives?
  • How many times do we put thought into what we are going to eat for the week?
  • How much do we think about how much fiber our children are eating?
  • How many times do we restrict them from eating excess sugar foods such as ice cream, chocolates, cakes, to once a week or once in two weeks?
  • How many times do we restrict adults to limit alcohol intake to once a week or once a month?
    How many times have we taken the trouble to create recipes made up of unique vegetables that your family would actually love?
  • How many times have we carried forward our grandmother’s culinary skills into our daily lives?
  • How many times have we studied that there are easier ways to lose weight than torturing your mind and body?
  • How many times have we taught our children the importance of eating fiber, carbs and protein all put together.

It’s time to learn new ways of eating, that will keep me, my family healthy and fit and allow us to live a long disease free life.

What Is The 6 Weeks Nutrition Bootcamp?

This is a revolutionary weight loss program launched by the veteran diet control experts, Ann Marie and Ed Stephens.

We have forgotten how to eat in recent times. And this has given rise to obesity, overweight people and all the deadly diseases than lessen our time on this beautiful planet.

But it’s time we all come together and change that.

Instead of assuming the diabetes and blood pressure are normal, that cancer and heart attacks are part of life, let’s learn a new way of living where LIVING LONGER HEALTH LIFE becomes the new normal.

Lets create a new normal where getting old and still being functional is the new normal.

Lets create a new normal where kids play outside, run around like crazy and their lungs don’t give up on them.

Let’s make a new normal that parents have a lot of energy left even after a long day to spend time with their children.

Lets create a new normal where couples have the time and energy to show and share love.

And Food Has A Lot To Do With It!

Have you heard of the saying “food is energy” ?

Not just calorific energy, but energy as in a feeling.

I bet you still remember when your mother cooked food, it was the most delicious meal for you, wasn’t it?

Do you think that your mother put some special secret ingredient that you didn’t know about?

No, right?

It was just plain simple food cooked with a lot of love.

And that meal nourished your entire family and kept them healthy.

Just like that, fruits and vegetables have energy too. And that energy has the power to nourish your body and provide it with all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins that your body needs to function flawlessly.

It’s Time To Learn The Food Basics From Scratch Again If You Want To Lose Weight And Keep It Off

What You Will Learn In The 6 Weeks Nutrition Boot Camp

Set Goals

Without goals, we don’t know where we are and where we are going. So the first step in successful weight loss is the set goals.

Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for your goals. If you don’t protect your dreams, your wishes, your goals, then life will take over and you will never know when it swept you back to the old ways.

Meal Planning

Learn how a perfect plate looks like to create your own. Serve your family with all the nutrients that their body needs and take their health to the next level.

Shopping Ingredients

Get introduced to a new way of shopping for yourself and your family. Learn about new ingredients that you have never heard about. Shop your way to health.

Kitchen To Table In 30 Mins

We know that you work hard and you don’t have the time to cook and clean. Therefore we teach you recipes that you can cook and get to the table in just 30 mins. All you have to take out are 30 mins for a healthy meal for yourself and your family.

When You Eat Out (Remember)

We don’t expect you to eat at home all the time. When you do decide to eat out or order food from outside, there are some things you must care about.

It All Starts From You

You Can Be The Changemaker That Inspires Many Others

Get on this journey of a long life with your whole family

The health of your loved ones is your number one priority – You the new lifestyle maker can be the one who prolongs their lives, takes them away from expensive healthcare bills in the future and takes them towards a healthy, fruitful, more fulfilling life.

Food should be our source of energy but it shouldn’t be what we live for.

We need to learn to differentiate between Healthy Eating and Emotional Eating.

Healthy Eating vs Emotional Eating

 Healthy Eating

✔️ Eat when hungry

✔️ Eat for nourishment

✔️ Eat to function

✔️ Eat for energy

✔️ Eat peanuts for a 4pm snack to satiate hunger

✔️ Eat just enough


 Emotional Eating

❌ Eat when sad, angry, depressed.

❌ Eat for a feeling of control.

❌ Eat to feel passionate, like our life matters

❌ Eat when frustrated

❌ Eat a chocolate bar for feeling good

❌ Eat 3-4 meals put together to feel better

Some people cope with difficult situations by reaching for comfort food. Chowing down on ice cream or macaroni and cheese can make everything seem like it’s going to be okay.

Turns out, there are parts of the brain that are rewarded from eating high-fat or high-sugar foods. And more than a decade of psychological research suggests that any behavior that is rewarded is likely to be repeated.

However, eating comfort food when things get tough—also known as emotional eating or stress eating—is not a solution to life’s challenges. It only works temporarily. Worse, it causes longer-term distress if it brings about weight gain.

Harvard Special Health Report

Waking Up With Vitality

6 weeks Boot Camp Will Educate You and Teach You A New Way Of Living

You Will Wake Up Light And Excited

Imagine you ate a calorie abundant meal. Have you monitored your movement after the meal? Sometimes you feel so heavy that you don’t feel like doing the things on your To-Do list. When you eat a heavy meal at night, you wake up feeling uninspired and lethargic. But on the contrary when you eat a light meal and give yourself time to digest the food, you will wake up early and you will wake up feeling enthusiastic and energetic to maybe go for a run.

Ramp Up Intimacy

When you eat portion controlled meals, you actually have more energy for sexual intimacy. Did you know that obese people have a lower sex drive compared to lighter people?

Protect Your Health

By eating portion controlled meals, by implementing the secrets of the 6 weeks boot camp into your daily life, you will add at least 10 to 15 years to your life and your life experiences will never be about hospital visits.

Goal Oriented Life

When your food is taken care of, when food is not your number one priority, when you eat just to function, then you can focus on other aspects of your life such as starting that business, or running that marathon or going to college and finishing up your degree. Life becomes more fulfilling.

Highly Simple, Wildly Effective

When your food intake consists of different, lighter ingredients, fruits and vegetables, varieties that you have never eaten before, you feel excited and find time to spend with your partner, your children.

Ready To Go To Bed With Satisfaction & Wake Up With Determination?

Kick your bad food habit and use your newfound vitality to:

Hunt that promotion at work

Keep up with the kids

Re-igniting romance

Chase the best version of yourself.

It all starts with good portion controlled food.

The type of uninterrupted, peaceful slumber that invigorates your life, helping you wake up with the energy of a kid on a 4 o’clock sugar high.

This 6 Weeks Nutrition Boot Camp is going to change your life for the better. Are you game for it ?

Our “31-night money-back guarantee” offers you a hassle-free, no questions asked refund for up to 31 nights.

If you’re unhappy or regret your purchase for any reason, we will refund the full amount within 31 nights – even if you have attended Boot Camp Sessions.

This is how the guarantee works: send us an email at with the subject: “6 Weeks Boot Camp Refund Please.” Our customer service will handle your full refund within one working day with the highest priority.

P.S Hi there Super Scroller, we see you all the way down here at the bottom of the page. To fill you in, 6 Weeks Boot Camp is the secret to a long healthy life without the hospital visits. It’s about living your life in a new way, where you don’t live to eat but you eat to function.

You should know: 6 Weeks Boot Camp is strictly for people who care about their wellbeing and want to wave goodbye to bad food habits and obesity .

My Health Matters to Me. I Want to Stop Overeating Before It Gets Worse.