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How to lose weight healthy with daily meal planning? We know it’s a big claim but we have scientific backing to prove it. We have researched and concluded with the help of world renowned dietitians that you can lose of the excess weight systematically by just managing your meal portion size. See facts about the portion control diet plan for weight loss.

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About Ed and Ann-Marie Stephens


We were both product development engineers who started Precise Portions to help our own families, who were stricken with Type 2 Diabetes.

So we set out to find an easier way to manage weight by diabetes meal planning  & diabetic portion control . After many years working with doctors, nutritionists and dieticians, we realized, healthy nutrition is the key to controlling weight, blood sugar, metabolism and even mental focus and energy levels.

Eventually we put all our research to work successfully for their family members. What started as a personal project, however, soon begged the question: If this works for our families, why won’t it work for everyone’s?

Working with dietitians,we perfected the stylish porcelain healthware that you see today, a complete range of dishes that makes it possible to maintain healthy eating habits at any occasion, anywhere. This is the vision that set us on this path. And we are pleased that we are able to help you on your weight management journey.

Health-Focused Meal Prep

According to International journal of obesity (2005), increase in portion size have occurred in parallel with the rise in the prevalence of obesity. In 2010, the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee found that ‘strong evidence documents a positive relationship between portion size and body weight’. Five major food groups represented on myplate and you can get my plate meal planner online with us. 

Our independent research has concluded that following measures are needed to ensure permanent weight loss in kids, adults and families.

‘Fit’ is a Mindset

Say goodbye to temporary weight loss after strict dieting or surgery. Fit is a mindset, not a body type. Now, you can lose weight forever once you have the ‘Fit’ Mindset.

Portion Guiding Tools

Our portions guiding tools and systems will help you know exactly how much to eat and where to stop. It will also ensure that you eat all food componets to produce the nutrients that your body needs.

Family Buy-in

Make sure you get your family onboard with this lifestyle of precise portions. It has to be a team effort because it’s a lifestyle change. Your kids will thank you later for teaching them about portion control.

Foods Habits

Good habits lead to good outcomes. Sporadic actions lead to sporadic results. If you are looking for permanent weight loss, and a healthy body, then you must invest in healthy habits.

Long Term Goals

Passion eating is the number one reason for weight gain. Instead of looking for passion in food, why not set life goals and invest passion in those life goals. Whether it’s a dream vacation, dream car, dream home, work towards making that a reality.

Home Cooking

Home cooked food is way more healthy, way more nutritious, way more filling and way more cost effective than ordered food. Make cooking a family activity. Go the old fashioned way. The family that eats together stays together.

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All the material you need to get on a lifestyle habit of eating healthy, precise portions and focusing your mind of real life goals than on foods.

Diabetes Support

Diabetes System Explanation

Transform into a Well Being Find out how changing your habits can change your life "Our study results show that portion control tools are simple but effective tools for weight management. During this 4-week intervention, participants lost an average of about 4...

Natural Diabetic Diet

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Weight Loss

Diets that work? None.

Diets that work? Humph. Every single diet I ever tried just ended in castigating myself because of my failure. Even worse is that I would regain all the weight I’d lost, and more. There are no diets that work. Seriously. In fact, studies show that dieting may put you...

Portion Guiding Tools

Let’s Work Together!

In this day and age of getting quick results, we have forgotten how our body works, how our digestive system works, how our metabolism develops. Therefore in this bootcamp, we take you to the basics of your body, of food, nutrients, micro-nutrients so that you and your family make the right food and fitness choices and get to your ideal health steadily.

Healthy Testimonials

“I absolutely LOOVE your Basil infused Olive oil and your jerk seasoning. I used the seasoning on chicken that I placed on the grill (slow grilled) and it was amazing!!

The seasonings was so flavorful that I didn’t need to add anything else to it. The meat came out perfect!! I also used the basil infused olive oil AND a little of the same jerk seasoning on my sautéed squash.

The combination on the fresh vegetables made a wonderful side dish. I am glad that I went ahead and restocked my supplies!!”

Benita C

“Thanks for your prompt response.  The bowl w the yellow rim is the perfect replacement!

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for developing these tools.  After a lifetime struggle w weight management and healthy eating, I finally found a great team in the Duke Lifestyle & Management Center.  They introduced me to your Precise Portions plates.  Since then, I have loss significant weight and gain a lot of knowledge about weight management.
I only use your plates and found very difficult to find them elsewhere.  I thank you for your assistance.”
Maria P

Duke University

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