Diabetes System Explanation

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Diabetes Support

Transform into a Well Being

Find out how changing your habits can change your life

“Our study results show that portion control tools are simple but effective tools for weight management. During this 4-week intervention, participants lost an average of about 4 lbs.”
–E. Almiron-Roig et. al, Cambridge University, British Journal of Nutrition

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Introducing Precise Portions System®

The goal is to keep you from eating too much and establish a habit. No more measuring food by the spoonful, no more complicated calorie charts, and no more trying to guess how many pieces of buttered steak you can get away with.
This is the easiest meal plan there is – no specific recipes, no staying away from your favourite foods, and no pills.

Think about a natural solution – a way to reprogram your body to be in a constant state of wellbeing. To feel light, energetic and healthy is a result of good and balanced nutrition. And the trick is that changing eating habits is hard!

Well not anymore.

Vetted & sold by the American Diabetes Association since 2011 our products are simple but very effective.
No more counting calories, guessing portions or overeating. Here’s the practice behind our science.

Start investing in yourself and see the change

  • Proven instant results
  • Long lasting educational value
  • Microwave suitable
  • A wide range of products for any occasion