7 Vital Tips to Staying Healthy During Spring Season

by | Jun 6, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

7 Vital Tips to Staying Healthy During Spring SeasonSpring season is a time of plenty – there’s warm sunshine so people can go out more frequently and engage in activities they love. There are regular outings and we visit our favorite restaurants, eating houses, pubs, clubs and bars and ice cream parlors. Yup, after being cooped up indoors in depressing weather, spring is a time for merry making – even the birds, plants and trees look happy. So it’s very important to follow some vital tips how to stay healthy during spring season:

Eat Spring Food.

Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables – they are more delicious during spring season than in winter. So this spring, plan to try out as many yummy fruits and vegetables as you can. It’s also good for your heart ;) Plan to link up with community supported agriculture – it’s a good way to get fresh local produce in to your kitchen.

Add some real physical activity.

This spring join a gym or a local swimming club or aerobics club or add some form of activity that will help you burn calories. If you love gardening, get down and dirty. The act of planting trees or digging the ground will not only keep your joints in good shape, it will help burn a lot of calories. Also, being out in the garden will revitalize your senses (unless you suffer from a lot of allergies).

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Stock up on allergy medications.

Spring is a time for allergies. If you happen to suffer from any allergies then remember to keep your eye drops, ointments or other medications handy.

Throw out old makeup and expired/dated stuff.

Spring is also a time for cleaning. Take a good look at all the lipsticks, mascara, ointments and medicines. Even if there is no expiry date, if you can’t remember when you bought the item, discard it because makeup kits contain chemicals that quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Soak in the sunlight.

Get up in time to catch the sunrise and soak up the warmth of the sun. A 15 minute early morning sun soak does wonders to your skin as well as your vitamin D levels.

Get dirty.

Yup, you read right. Go out and play in the park or visit the nearest beach or go out on regular picnics and hikes. There are a lot of good bacteria in the mud that surrounds us. Plan to get close and friendly with them – trust me, it’s a win-win situation that helps boost your immunity system.

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