How to Maintain a Healthy Diet and Lose Weight

by | Dec 22, 2011 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Healthy Diets to Lose WeightSomehow, people seem to imagine that there are healthy diets to lose weight. In a way of course, they are right. The issue however is that, over the years we’ve stopped eating lean and healthy. Ever since the industrial revolution we’ve been gorging ourselves on deep fries, ready-to-eat meals and have been visiting restaurants that serve massive quantities of food.

The big question here is what a diet is.

A diet is food we habitually eat on a daily basis. So when the question of healthy diets to lose weight comes up, there is no magic diet. Instead, we need to ask ourselves “what and how much are we eating”

Practice portion control when eating out

Remember that the restaurant makes a profit by serving you cooked food. The more food they sell, the more profit they make. Never mind that the portion size is more than anyone can comfortably eat. Never mind that eating all that will make you obese. Your weight is not their concern, it is their profit that is uppermost in their minds so when it comes to healthy diets to lose weight, I say start with the restaurant; be mindful of what you order and how much you eat. When you are full, it is okay to leave the rest. You do not have to finish it.

Think about food portions and healthy diet while shopping, too

When you buy ice creams or takeouts, always buy single portions. Buying larger quantities might look like a bargain deal but it will also induce you to eat more. If you are serious about healthy diets to lose weight, start with small quantity of ice creams, pizza or food that you order – limit it to single portion sizes only.

Make your meals rich and healthy when cooking at home

Instead of dropping an egg directly onto the frying pan and making a quick omelet, blend together the egg, some finely chopped parsley, one onion, half a cup of finely chopped cabbage, a pinch of salt to taste and finally, a bit of water. Blend well and pour over a frying pan that contains half a tablespoonful of heated oil.

Your breakfast will be more balanced and complete than you can possibly imagine and more importantly, it will be super lean with just 250 calories – more than enough to power you up till lunch time.

Let me say this again, healthy diets to lose weight are not about some magical diet put together by experts.

Healthy diet is simply about what you eat, how it is cooked and the quantity you eat.

Note in the above recipe, I have used one egg not two, not three, just the one. If you are used to a hearty American breakfast, this might look like a starvation diet. You will feel slight hunger pangs but only for a few days and then you will be fine. The initial hunger pangs can be subdued by plain water. Start eating lots of veggies and fruits, and cook healthy.