Healthy Eating – Fruits and Veggies Keep you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise!

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Healthy Eating – Fruits And Veggies Keep You Healthy, Wealthy And Wise!I’m a dietician and run a small consultancy in Jersey City where each new day brings in at least 25 new patients in desperate need of a change in their diet. They came to me because they have been referred to me by their doctor or realized their problems had to do with their diet but were not sure what to do about it. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of such cases, I thought of using this media to pen down a few guidelines on healthy eating that you can follow and avoid serious health complications.

While shopping for a diet or eating related slogan, I came across one that said “eat your fruits and veggies”, based on which I had a custom slogan made and put up in my clinic that says

“Eat your fruits and veggies – it could save your life!”

and I really do mean it. Our forefathers knew something that we have chosen to forget or ignore – that 90% of all human health problems start from the stomach!

A study conducted by EUPHA and concluded in 2007 proves my slogan beyond all doubt. This study conducted using over 120,000 volunteers found that plant-based lower carbohydrate diets actually reduced death risk when compared to animal-based lower carbohydrate diets. Now I’m not some Vegan freak who is trying to convert you but I do urge you to pay close attention to some pretty damning evidence that the study presented.

This study related to eating habits and its correlation to health,

found that volunteers (tracked for over 20 years) who were eating protein and fat from animal source were twice as likely to die of heart or cancer related diseases than those were eating protein and fat came from plant based sources.

This made perfect sense to me. We already knew that animal sources of protein tend to be higher in saturated fats and trans-fats which result in high cholesterol and heart disease.  Also, heavily processed meats from hot dogs to hamburgers to bologna have for many years been linked to cancer. If anything, the study merely confirmed suspicions.

So unless you are want to abuse your body and start making regular rounds to medical clinics and hospitals, you should seriously, beginning today, reduce the quantum of burgers, fries, pizzas i.e. junk foods by at least 50% and plan to reduce it by 90% within the next six months. At home, slowly start replacing meat products especially beef and pork with fresh vegetables. Dramatic alterations will be counter productive and lead to resistance from other family members so do it in a slow but steady manner and ideally, by first explaining the changes that are going to occur and the reasons for it.

Trust me and use the knowledge on this page to your advantage by making changes to your own diet and that of your family. I guarantee the changes will add many years of healthier living for you and your family. Less trips to the medical clinics would obviously mean good health and lower health related bills and consequently, wiser living.

Healthy eating should be the “in thing” for you and your family.

If you find this blog interesting, then please read my next blog in which I shall detail the fruits and vegetables that will not only please your body but will also please your senses.