Healthy Eating Guidelines

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

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Healthy Eating Guidelines for You and Your Family

These healthy eating guidelines aren’t some secrets handed down by the Aztecs or Egyptians or some exotic alien life form. Healthy eating guidelines are a straight forward common sense approach to food choices that we and our forefathers knew but seem to have mysteriously forgotten due the onslaught of junk food ads, restaurant ads and modern high-impact life style. After years of eating unhealthy foods and abusing our bodies beyond belief, we finally come to our senses and want a second chance at health by which time of course, we have forgotten what healthy eating was all about. No matter! Thanks to the internet, here you are and while you are here, we shall do our best to help you recollect what healthy eating and healthy fresh updates eating guideline is all about.

1: Drink Plenty of Water and Not Soda or Beer

Seen what a dehydrated plant looks like? Our body works best in a state of constant hydration so drink no less than one glass of water for every hour that you are awake which hopefully, would be at least 8 hours.

2: As you eat, concentrate on your food

Forget all about “quick bites” or “I’m in a hurry” kind of meal. All those ‘quickies’ were in the past. While you eat, keep the TV or radio off. If you are a person who needs to talk on the phone while eating, keep your cell phone off too.

While you eat, look at your plate, take a small quantity of food, put it in your mouth, close your eyes and concentrate on the food. Chew slowly savoring the taste, the flavors and letting the aroma seep through your senses.

After a few mouthfuls, you will reach a stage where you do not feel hungry any longer. STOP EATING! That’s right! Stop eating when you no longer feel hungry. Do this irrespective of whether or not there is food left on the plate. When you no longer feel hungry, it is your stomach signaling you to stop eating. If you learn to listen to your stomach, you will automatically learn to eat the exact quantum you need. No more, no less. If you have problem following this, use a portion control plate. These are readily available on various sites online or in your neighborhood crockery store.

3: Go lean!

Use low fat or skimmed milk. Include yogurt in your diet. When buying meat, ensure it does not have skin or fat. When it comes to protein, try to reduce the quantity of beef, pork etc. and instead, increase the quantity of fish in your diet.

4: Increase the quantum of fresh fruit and vegetables

When we say “increase” we don’t mean add to the existing quantity. We mean reduce meats and replace it with fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grain preparations.

5: Always eat on time

Never skip meals especially your breakfast. If you don’t have time in the afternoon for an adequate meal, the least you should do is to carry a packed lunch from home – even if it is just turkey sandwich and a banana. Take at least 20 minutes off your busy schedule to savor your meal. Your evening meal should be had no later than 7 p.m. so that your stomach has time to digest it well before you retire for the day.