Healthy Eating – Importance of Water in Our Diet

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Healthy Eating - Importance of Water in Our DietWater is the single most important nutrient in our body. It is the highway through which nutrients travel the length and breadth of our body. So obviously without water the nutrients you gain from food would have little use.

Modern day lifestyle has reduced our consumption of this vital nutrient.

We drink more beer, wines, alcohol, sweetened drinks (including fruit juices – remember we said it’s better to eat our fruit whole?) than we do water. 70% of our body is water. Any drop in the volume creates massive pressure on our kidneys and heart. Trans fats present in modern day processed and fried foods interferes with our thirst mechanism and we tend to feel less thirsty – despite a drop in water volume. Pressure on the kidneys ultimatly results in kidney failure. Drop in water volume also hardens any deposits in the arteries leading to heart attacks. Any pressure on the kidneys results in an unhealthy build up of toxins in our body.

If you suffer from constant cramps, dull aches especially while moving your limbs then you are most likely suffering from dehydration. So let me now answer one of the most frequently asked questions:

How much water to drink?

There IS a simple answer – one glass of water every hour. Your urine should always be crystal clear. Colored urine indicates stress on the kidneys.

Remember we lose moisture with every breath we take; we lose moisture through skin, urine, excretion and sweat. Combat water loss by consuming one glass of clean water every hour and avoiding processed foods.

When you drink water, swirl it around your mouth.

Imagine that you are sipping good vintage wine and then swallow slowly. Relish every sip of it. We are blessed because we have access to good quality drinking water. Making good use of it will keep you ticker and kidneys in good shape and less likely to suffer from blood pressure problems or nutrition deficiencies despite having a balanced meal. Water is the bond in our body that holds everything together. Don’t neglect it.

If you drink other liquids rather than water, make sure you mind the portion size… Yes, liquids do have serving size and recommended portion size 😉 Check out our portion control glasses – they will help you get in control of your liquid calorie intake!

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