Healthy Eating: Tackle Your Mental Obstacles

by | Aug 10, 2015 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

The lies that we tell ourselves in the dieting game and why they’re not true!

We tell ourselves lots of lies during the course of our healthy eating plans. While there is some logic behind these little white lies, there is also a lot of falsehood. What follows are some of the most common lies and some tactics for helping you reason with yourself! Here at Precise Portions, we’re determined to help you make informed choices. Our site is dedicated to gradual and sustainable weight loss through exercise, health habits, and well-controlled portion sizes for both children and adults.

LIE: “I want to be polite!”

We’ve all been there: You tell mom that you’re working on a new healthy eating plan and she’s totally supportive…until it’s time for her brownies to come out! You don’t want to hurt her feelings, so you start reasoning with yourself, “I want to be polite! It’s only one brownie.” Or maybe she’s telling you that you need to eat more: “You’re not overweight!”


Take it to go! If you’re feeling strong, tell mom you have to run, but you’ll happily take the brownie to go. Then, as soon as you’re out of sight, pitch that baby. You don’t need it messing with you all the way home. If it’s seconds she’s pushing, take a very small helping or tell her you’re going to pass. Her support is important to your journey and drawing the line somewhere can be healthy.

LIE: “I don’t want to be wasteful!”

When you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck, it’s so easy to try to rationalize: “I don’t want to be wasteful with the expensive food I bought and slaved over cooking!”


It’s hard when you’re trying to be a home economist and get the most bang for your buck, but whether you’re throwing a large amount of food away is the same as over-stuffing yourself when you are not in need of any more sustenance. Just go ahead and throw it away and don’t feel guilty. Or, even better, put it right into a storage container and eat the leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.

 LIE: “It’s free!”

You know this situation: You’re at the office and someone brings in birthday cake. You’re walking through the grocery store on Sunday and a nice lady is giving away samples of saucy pasta bites. You think to yourself, “The food is free – I might as well eat it!”


No – you might as well not eat it! As yourself this question: “Would I buy this to eat if it were not free?” If the answer is “no”, put it down and walk away.

LIE: “It’s a special occasion!”

You’re out on a date night with your significant other, it’s a family birthday party, you’re on vacation; there’s always a special occasion going on. You tell yourself, “It’s a special occasion! I deserve to treat myself.”


Approach each and every day with the same intention. There’s no such thing as a special occasion and you deserve to treat your body with the care and respect that it needs!

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