Is Soya Milk Good for Kids?

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There are some kids that are lactose intolerant while there are others who don’t love plain milk. In any case, physicians and dietitians agree that varying the sources of protein can do a lot of good to your kids. So, yes, soy milk is definitely good for the kids.

Soy milk has a sweeter flavor than animal milk and is also easier on the kid’s digestive system. But before you go out and buy gallons of soy milk, it is best to first buy a small single serving packet of it. If your child likes it and has no problems digesting it, then you can buy it in larger quantities.

What Kind of Soy Milk to Buy?

If your child has no problem digesting soy milk then you should consider buying the enriched Soy Milk. It has added nutrients like Folate, Calcium and Vitamins A, D, and B. Preferably, look out for a brand that does not contain Calcium because soy milk naturally contains compounds called Phytates which decrease calcium absorption. For this reason, you should also ensure your kids are separately fed calcium-rich foods like cheese, yogurt, calcium-fortified orange juice etc.

Comparison between Soy Milk and Cow’s Milk:

Whole MilkReduce Fat MilkSoy Milk




















350mg (enriched)

7g (enriched)



10% of daily value

How to make soy milk at home for your kids

You can use either whole soybeans or full-fat soy flour. Ideally you should use Soy beans which should be soaked overnight in water. In the morning, discard any beans you see floating (these would be bad) and grind the rest with a little water. Every few seconds, add more water and grind until it reaches the desired liquid consistency.  The liquid is then boiled for 10 to 15 minutes. This process also improves its nutritional value and enhances its flavour. Filter the milk before using.

You can add Bourn vita, Horlicks, drinking chocolate or other additives to it. Serve warm or refrigerated.

Some of our readers had earlier written to ask about the link between Phytoestrogens present in Soy Milk and cancer.

Well, currently the link between Phytoestrogens present in Soy Milk and breast cancer is classified as a myth because there is no conclusive research that proves anything one way or the other. In fact, half the medical researchers seem to think that Phytoestrogens present in Soy Milk helps prevent breast cancer while the other half thinks the opposite is true. Like so many other things, clearly more research is required before the myth is proved or busted.

Yet other readers had written to ask about the link between the Phytoestrogens and hormone imbalance in kids.

Again, this too has been classified as a myth. There is simply no research to prove any link between Soy milk or Phytoestrogens and early puberty in girls or feminization of boys’ reproductive systems.

All available research to date indicates that Soy Milk is definitely good for your kids.

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