Kick the New Year Off to a Great Start

by | Jan 3, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

Hey, everyone! If you’ve been following our blog for a while now, you probably know that we don’t only focus – on portion control… We believe in maintaining a healthy diet as a lifestyle (includes moderation, healthy eating, portion control and physical activity). You know we started the company and developed the dinnerware as a weight management system to help everyone achieve their healthy weight goal and then maintain it easily :)

Entering the famous “weight loss month” of January, it’s time for us to unveil the details around the 100 Day Portion Control Challenge that you’ve been hearing bits and pieces of for the last few weeks … Here are some quick facts about the challenge and why you and your family and friends should enroll right away:

  • You will kick the New Year off to a great start – healthy eating (and weight management!) has never been so easy before.
  • For 100 days you will use the Precise Portions weight management system (plate, bowl, glass, menu planners, worksheets, healthy eating guide, etc.), earn points throughout,  get gifts for active participation AND you will become healthier along the way – losing, gaining or maintaining weight naturally, depending on your healthy weight goal.
  • You will have a lot of fun and will learn a lot of things about your body, eating habits, foods, portion control, and basically – everything that you will ever need to manage your weight healthily and naturally. Pictures, essays, recipes, special gifts – all during the 100 Day Portion Control Challenge!

The Challenge aims to put our dinnerware system to the test. To enroll, you have to complete the sign-up form by Jan 8 (Sunday), which will ask for:

  • A picture of yourself (full length, taken the same day as your application/enrollment)
  • Your height, current weight and waistline measurement
  • Tell us in 100 words or less the health goals you want to achieve – including the weight you want to lose, maintain or gain during The 100 Day Challenge.

Our Registered Dietitians will evaluate your weight management goal to ensure it is a healthy and realistic goal. If it is not, you will be advised accordingly. In the long run the Precise Portions dinnerware system helps us adopt healthier eating habits for a life time so hurry up and take the first step today!

As a reminder, The 100 Day Portion Control Challenge is intended to put the Precise Portions Dinnerware System to the test! This means that ideally all participants should:

  • Use the Precise Portions plates, bowls and glasses
  • Follow the guidelines recommended in the nutritional materials (healthy eating guideline, worksheets, daily menu planners, etc.)
  • Have fun with this challenge – make it personal!

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