Quick Weight Loss Starts with Your Breakfast

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Quick Weight Loss Starts with the Breakfast

When discussing diets for quick weight loss, one of the first questions I ask relates to the breakfast. 90% of the people will reply that their breakfast typically includes one of the following:

  • 1 Egg with buttered (or plain) Toast or
  • A breakfast cereal with low-fat milk or
  • Toast and Jam or
  • Pancakes and Syrup or
  • A Breakfast Bar or
  • Bagel and Cheese or
  • A tall glass of orange (or some other fruit) juice

On the face of it, all the typical breakfast foods listed above seem like low-calorie lose weight stuff – something that would fit right into diets for quick weight loss. But are they really that?

The only food of the above, somewhat good for weight loss is the first one – egg with toast.

I say “somewhat good” because the butter has all sorts of artificial stabilizers (chemicals), sodium (salt) and flavoring agents in it. Home-made butter would have been just lovely!

So what is wrong with the above list? For one, except for the egg and toast, the rest mostly contain fast-digested carbohydrate. Orange juice on the other hand, is high in sugar and that much sugar in the morning might not be such a good idea (though I would approve of a small bunch of grapes or raspberries or blueberries eaten fresh and not in liquid form).

Fast-digested carbohydrate is not very conducive to losing weight.

Most of the food we eat (let’s see that list again) come right out of a packet. Any food that is fully or partly manufactured usually will contain some chemical preservative or flavoring agents and salts. All of these play havoc with your liver which is ordinarily tasked with the job of breaking down fats. It is the poor liver that has to struggle and filter out all these harmful chemicals giving it little time to attack fats. When we eat packaged foods, the liver works overtime because it sees the chemicals as the more harmful substance and hence concentrates all its energy in eliminating the chemicals we eat. In the process, it ignores fats – and we put on weight.

The diets for quick weight loss that I would prescribe would include only home-cooked foods and there is no need to avoid oil – just keep it within reasonable limits.

Here are some diet tips for quick weight loss:

  1. Add Protein to your breakfast. Two boiled eggs or vegetable-egg omelet (made from diced and blended veggies, onions and eggs) would do quite nicely.
  2. Add Fresh fruit and vegetables to your meals
  3. Avoid all types of breads (except in toast form) whether made from whole grains or whatever
  4. Add organic cottage cheese to your diet
  5. Try eating home-made yogurt
  6. If you can’t make butter at home, buy some natural peanut butter

Veggies and fibers that I recommend for your diets for quick weight loss include ground flax seeds, beans, oatmeal, berries, sprouts, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, baked squash and potatoes.