Portion Control and Weight Loss

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Health Habits, Nutrition Support, Uncategorized

I’ve been advocating that we drastically need to cut down on the quantity of food we eat because portion control and weight loss are both inter-linked.

I know that cutting down on the quantity of food we eat, especially after we have been used to eating large quantities for years, is definitely not easy. But if you are obese and are in need of losing some of that unwanted body fat, then the only safe route I recommend is portion control.

Fortunately, today portion control and weight loss are not such a tough choice as they once were.

Enterprising manufacturers have a new product that helps you get a handle on your portion size. They call it the portion control plate. We at Precise Portions have made one step further – we have designed a set of portion control plates, bowls, glasses and measures.

So how do these portion control plates, bowls, glasses and measures help you with portion control and weight loss?

The answer lies in their size and design. For example, instead of using a very large tall glass for your fruit juice, if instead, you use a 10oz portion control glass, then you are automatically controlling the quantum of natural sugar that you consume. The same can be said for portion control bowls.

Instead of eating out of a tin of soup, pour it into the portion control bowl. That way you will be limiting yourself to the recommended quantity of one portion of soup. While eating from the bowl, you will notice something else – that the tin of soup still contains half the contents. If you read the label on the tin, you will most likely discover that the tin of soup contained more than one portion.

This is how the portion control glasses and bowls help you with your portion control and weight loss plan.

The best part of the portion control cutlery set is of course, the plates.

You will notice that each plate has a delicate design that bifurcates the plate into three parts. Each part is meant for one food group. So you are supposed to spoon yourself vegetables into one part (the largest one), proteins and grains into another part, and fruits into the third part. Along with this, you can either have a bowl of low-fat yogurt or low-fat milk. This would complete your meal.

The plates being smaller (10 inches in diameter) than the usual dinner plates, you not only succeed in limiting (controlling the portion), the quantum of food you eat, you also ensure a balanced diet.

This is how you can succeed with your portion control and weight loss plan. Read more tips on how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Without reducing the quantity of food we eat there is no way you can stop the fat buildup.